A console snob meets the Behringer X32

Recently I was asked to mix a 12 piece wedding band, at a venue that gave us 45 minutes to get EVERYTHING set up...including building the stage, on a mixing board I was not looking forward to using...the Behringer X32. I had casually played around with the board at NAMM, but had not taken it seriously because... well... it is made by Behringer.


Ringing Out Monitors

Today I want to talk about ringing out your monitors. One of the most important parts of setting up a comfortable stage for your performers, where feedback doesn't exists, and everything sounds great, is ringing out your monitors. What do we mean when say "ring out your monitors"? We are going on a hunt for those frequencies that cause nasty feedback problems, and we are going to remove them from the monitor mix using our graphic EQ. One of the goals of any engineer is to train their ears so they can recognize an offending frequency on the fly, without the help of an analyzer. We go into ear training in our classes, but lets say you can't recognize a 1K tone from a 2.5k tone, here is a quick way of finding out what the problem frequency is and yanking it right out.


Peace Of Mind Is What We Sell

As an employer of an audio production company, I get many calls from experienced engineers looking for work. Some of them are very talented in their craft but still have trouble finding work. Why is that? My answer is attitude.



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