Our Mission

The Los Angeles School Of Live Audio Engineering (LASLAE) is the culmination of over 40 years of experience in event production and the entertainment industry. The team at  LASLAE are each considered experts in their fields and joined forces to bring a real world education to those that looking to learn about event production and live audio engineering.

LASLAE promises to bring usable, executable knowledge learned through doing. With a wide selection of touring grade equipment and peripherals, students have the opportunity to get a valuable hands on education. Courses end with a show fully produced by the students, and staged for the community. Local bands are mixed by course graduates, and event logistics and marketing are coordinated by their peers.

Although book learning is valuable (and theory sessions play a part at LASLAE), our real success stories are borne from the interaction between student and equipment.

The LASLAE learning experience helps foster our students passion for audio and event production, and our deep relationships with working show production companies gets them out into the field where they are thrust into the adrenalin pumping world of the live events.

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