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If you are reading this, you have already decided you are not interested in a pie-in-the-sky studio job, and would rather feel the thrill and excitement of live show production. You have come to right place.  LASLAE offers the most hands-on learning experience available.  Our deep relationships with show production companies means our students get to workl in the field, learning valuable on the job training.

COMMUNITY: LASLAE schools thrive on local communities. Our goal is to bring new learning, a sense of achievement, a new path of personal and community development, and a much needed element of community fun and interaction.

PASSION: We are passionate about everything we know, and we strive to bring that passion to our students, with the hopes that they will take that passion with them into their communities.

GROWTH: We strive to bring personal and community growth through attention, listening and educating. Our goal is to give our students the practical knowledge to help them grow as productive community members with a passionate spirit.

DEDICATION: The show must go on, and dedication is what will make that happen. The art we teach requires dedication and resolve to master. As entertainment professionals our dedication to our work is what brings us together, as individuals our dedication to ourselves is what sets us apart.

THE BASICS: We believe in an infrastructure to knowledge. The LASLAE System creates a stable foundation of basic knowledge and skills that can built upon for years. From the heightened sense of knowing achieved through hearing a frequency and calling it out by name, to the enhanced sense of hearing achieved through picking out the high end sizzle of cymbal or a horn, these are the basics we are never taught but benefit from knowing.

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